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 Indictments: Trump, Biden, and Prison Reform (12/12/2023) 

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The Federal Government Indicted the Former President Trump and the current President’s son, Hunter Biden.

That is good news for those of us who work toward prison reform.

While I served 26 years in federal prison, I felt optimistic when powerful, influential people joined us inside federal prisons.


It wasn’t because I wished harm on anyone. Rather, I wanted to bring more attention to the need for prison and sentence reform.

People who have a large audience can bring attention to this matter. And we need a lot of attention to change America’s commitment to mass incarceration.

One reason we have the First Step Act is because Jared Kushner’s father went to federal prison. That experience made an indelible impression about Jared Kushner. And when his father-in-law became Commander in Chief, Jared Kushner lobbied for prison reform. After considerable amounts of work, the political machine gathered bi-partisan support.

In December 2018, President Trump signed the First Step Act.

As he faces multiple decades in federal prison, Donald Trump may see the value of reforms that can allow people to earn higher levels of liberty through merit. Hunter Biden will see the same.

Hopefully, conversations in the Trump family, and in the Biden family, will advance our agenda for reforms that allow people to work toward earning freedom.

For more information on how to improve outcomes of America’s prison system, visit us at Prison Professors.

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