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FREE resources to show how you can prepare for leniency at sentencing.

Don’t expect your lawyer to do all the work. Learn steps you can start taking today to help your judge understand you.

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Based on your responses to the seven-questions above, our team will send resources to help you. Use the FREE guidance to learn steps you can start taking today to prepare for leniency at sentencing. Regardless of what type of charge you face, you can make changes to start building your sentence-mitigation strategy.

Team at Prison Professors

We’ll send you 15 videos to teach you what judges said they wanted to hear from people before sentencing.

1. Judge’s advice to guide your prep for the PSR.

2. Learn about downward departure.

3. Get character reference letters to help your judge.

4. Grasp influence of your statement before sentencing.

5. How to prepare before your sentencing.

6. Judge answers questions on restitution.

7. What to write before the PSR interview.

8. Judge wants you to advocate for yourself.

9. Judge isn’t interested in lawyer’s words.

10. How to influence your judge at sentencing.

11. Denise got probation instead of prison.

12. Brandon got 3 years and not 20 years.

13. How Jerry got 21 months and not 6 years.

14. Learn about aberrant behavior at sentencing.

15. Learn about diminished capacity at sentencing.

What People Said….Their Real Results

Stanford Law School

Joan Petersilia
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PBS NewsHour

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NBC News Profile

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Video Snippet

Jerry Lundergan

Federal Judge

Judge Bennett

Department of Justice

DOJ Website
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UC Hastings Law Review

Law Review Article
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Need Answers to Your Questions?

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