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Don’t take our word that you can influence prospects for leniency at sentencing. Watch any of the 15 short video clips below. They feature snippets of interviews we did with federal judges and others. See the Prison Professors YouTube channel for more. Or contact [email protected] for immediate help; you can call or text Sam at: 561-490-4544.

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1. Judge’s Advice Should Guide How You Prepare for PSR

Judge Bennett responds to questions we asked about the Presentence investigation report (PSR).

2. Judge Advises on How You Get a Downward Departure

Judge discusses the steps that can lead to a downward departure. If your attorney isn’t helping, learn to help yourself.

3. Get Character Reference Letters that Help Your Judge

Judge offers guidance on the type of character reference letters that can have an influence on his decision making at sentencing.

4. Grasp Influence of Your Statement Before Sentencing

Why the judge wants to hear from you. Lawyers should give an overview, but the judges to hear from you.

5. Your Judge Wants to Hear from You. Are You Ready?

You judge knows that your attorney may give an overview, but he really wants to hear from the people who stand before him.

6. Judge’s Advice on Restitution Payments

Learn why making restitution payments before going into the sentencing hearing can have a huge influence on getting leniency at sentencing.

7. Judge Says You Should Write Before PSR Interview

Getting your story in place before the presentence investigation interview may help you influence your sentencing in a positive way.

8. Federal Judge’s Tells Lawyers to Let You Advocate

Judges have worked with both prosecutors and lawyers for decades. They are far more interested in what a defendant says.

9. Judge Prefers Your Words to Lawyer’s Words

The lawyer may be a great analytical thinker, understanding evidence. But if the lawyer doesn’t know a lot about the defendant, then the defendant needs to take action.

10. Judge says You’re Best Person to Influence Sentence

There is no better person that the individual being sentence to influence the outcome at the sentencing hearing. Learn steps you can start taking now.

11. How Denise Got Probation Instead of Prison

The prosecutor in Denise’s case asked for three years. Her judge intended to impose a term of 18 months. Denise’s preparation had influence.

12. How Brandon Got 3 Years Instead of 20 Years

Brandon faced a sentence that could expose him to more than 20 years in prison. He prepared well and got a deal for three years.

13. How to Get Less than 6 Years in Prison

The prosecutor in Jerry’s case asked the judge to impose a term of six years. Learn the steps he took to get six years.

14. Learn about Aberrant Behavior and Sentencing

Do you understand intricacies of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines? Learn steps you can take to use them to your advantage.

15. Learn About Diminished Capacity and Sentencing

In what ways did background factors in your life influence your decisions? Learn how to articulate a story that will influence a lower sentence.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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