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 How Much Should I Pay to Hire a Prison Consultant? 

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Do you want to know “How Much Should I Pay to Hire a Prison Consultant?”

That question is too broad. Prices for prison consultants will vary across the board.

I am sure that some prison consultants will tell stories about prison for $50. Other prison consultants will bill some clients in excess of $20,000. A more important question than price would be how much value would I receive for the money that I invest with a prison consultant.

Fees at Prison Professors

At Prison Professors, we charge fees in accordance with the number of hours we need to invest. We offer value and are not the low-cost provider. Clients of PrisonProfessors should budget between $1,000 and $15,000 for our services, depending on what they need. We always provide a clear scope of work. Accountability metrics show how we over deliver.

Clients will see that we do not compete on price. Rather, our clients receive value that exceeds expectations. They will benefit from the vast experience that Shon Hopwood and Michael Santos have gleaned while traversing every stage of the criminal justice system.

We are the prison professors. We passed through decades in prison and we emerged successfully. As our bios show, the market has validated us. Despite serving longer than a decade in prison, Shon Hopwood emerged to become a professor of law at Georgetown Law School. Michael Santos served 26 years in prison. Within three weeks of release, he was a staff professor at San Francisco State University. We lecture at universities across the United States, and we work every level of the system.

At Prison Professors, we help our clients prepare for successful outcomes.

We cannot offer personal, one-on-one service to everyone that reaches out to us. Anyone can access our website or our YouTube channel for free information. We give away more information than we sell. For individuals that cannot afford to hire us for personal consulting services, we urge them to access our free information. If they want more, they should order our books and our lesson plans.

Clients benefit by working with Prison Professors. Contact us today if you’re facing prosecution, sentencing, or prison. We can help!

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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