Graphic Artist 

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Thumbnails / Images:

One of the first tasks we’ll pursue will be creating thumbnails for our YouTube channels. We have three separate YouTube channels. Those channels include the following:

We’ve created a style sheet using Photoshop. You can see the style at this folder that I am sharing with you:

YouTube Thumbnail Task:

  • Access the file: Image-Sample Name
  • Create images. 
  • To make the images, rely upon the information we insert into column D / E

After you create the Thumbnail for YouTube, please resize the image with appropriate dimensions for the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • Twitter

Naming and Storing Images:We need to create an easy system to store all of the images that you create. We will use this document to record where you store the images:

Storing the image: Store the images in this folder: Social Images
I’m going to create a page on the website where we will memorialize all of these folders so that we know specifically how to track progress.

Need Answers to Your Questions?