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Digital Courses for Jails and Prisons.

We create new content every day to help administrators teach people in jails and prisons.

Our digital courses teach people how to develop stronger critical-thinking skills and better communication skills and prepare for success upon release.

Similar to the “For Individuals” page, I pulled the lines above from your current website.

Currently, you have a button on the hero page that leads institutional visitors straight to a product.

Then a bit further down the homepage you have a link to this page,

The Reentry Programs page on the current site does a really good job at educating the institutional target audience. It speaks directly to meeting their objectives, offers a sample of the product, and then provides credibility. It answers, “Why Prison Professors?”

I think if we copied out all this content into Google Doc and tuned it ever so slightly into a long-form sales letter that answers all the objections, that would be perfect. The Reentry Programs page is pretty damn close as it stands.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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