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 Five ‘W’s of Prison Professors Talent 

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Michael Santos

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Prison Professors Talent: Who / What / Where / When / Why / How

Who we Are:

I’m Michael Santos, founder of Prison Professors. While serving 26 years in prisons of every security level, I spent every day preparing for a life of success. Since completing my term, in August of 2013, I’ve built a career striving to show others how they can use time in prison effectively, so they can emerge with their dignity intact, and opportunities to live with meaning and relevance.

What We’re Building with Prison Professors Talent:

We’re building a platform to profile thousands of people who use their time inside to prepare for success outside.

Where we’re making Prison Professors Talent Available:

We’ve opened relationships with every state prison in the State of California, and every federal prison in the North Central Region. We’ve also opened relationships with the leading tablet providers. Together, we’re collaborating to help more people understand how to use time in prison to prepare for the best possible outcome.

When we’re building Prison Professors Talent:

We began building this website following a tour that exposed our work to more than 1,000 people in state and federal prisons across America. Those one-on-one interactions convinced us that people who lead “extraordinary and compelling” lives should memorialize their journey. The work they do inside will lead to more opportunities upon release.

Why We’re Building with Prison Professors Talent

We incarcerate far too many people in America, and they serve sentences that are far too long. With Prison Professors Talent, we can bolster our advocacy to show why incentives such as work-release programs, furloughs, and meaningful access to other incentives will improve the culture of confinement and the outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system.

How We’re Building Prison Professors Talent:

We never ask anyone to do anything that we’re not doing. Our for-profit companies donate at least 10% of all revenues to fund our nonprofit, The Prison Professors Charitable Corporation. We’re building collaborations with businesses and individuals to join our efforts so that we can make an impact on the lives of more than 1 million justice-impacted people. Resources allow us to provide income opportunities for formerly incarcerated people, and match resources that prison systems purchase to improve the culture of confinement.

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