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 Faith from Prison 

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“Life battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”
– Vince Lombardi

Dr. Al Dirschberger on Faith

Individuals who succeed demonstrate the ability to arrive or do things marked by a deep intuitive faith in themselves. These individuals overcome temporary defeat and use their failures as a stepping stone to success.

Faith – complete trust or confidence; firm belief without logical
           proof; a system of religious beliefs; belief in a religious doctrine;
           commitment to fulfill a trust, certainty, conviction.

Most failures in life are a result of individuals falling to their fears and worries. As someone who would have never thought to find themselves incarcerated in a million years, fears and worries are common daily. Fears and worries about one’s future. Unfortunately and unnecessarily this feeling is too common to daily life.

Many individuals drift through life without a major purpose or goal. At times they get fixated at a moment in their lives and cannot move forward. They lose faith in themselves and blame their situation on others. This is an enormous challenge for individual growth. There must be total confidence and belief in yourself to succeed. There must be faith.

To overcome adversity you must give your absolute best today and every day. If you believe in yourself and have faith — faith in yourself; faith in a higher power — you can overcome anything in your life. You must trust that you will put yourself or be guided to the best possible solution to achieve your goals. You must have FAITH.

Can there be faith without belief in a religious doctrine? Simply stated, justification by faith is the pillar of religious doctrines. When we place our faith in a higher power, we are justified — meaning that we have brought our lives into a relationship with a higher being. God. No matter what, there is unconditional acceptance, love and suuport which provides the drive behind our beliefs, our faith.

It is important to believe everyone has a religious doctrine whether or not they can recognize it. You may not think about it when you make decisions but it influences your thoughts, feelings and actions. There are many beliefs to religion. God does not exist and the physical matter is all there is. All is one, one is all, and all is god. There are beliefs that many gods, goddesses and spirits exist that must be appeased and pleased to have a good life and there are those individuals reluctant to commit to any one view, picking and choosing what they like from each doctrine.

What is common with all religious doctrines is the undeniable belief in faith. A faith we fall upon to help us through tough times. Life is a struggle to do better. Obstacles in life are opportunities. Faith in yourself and an unwavering belief in spiritual support helps in achieving goals to success. Faith is a strength-based approach to success. Faith without any logical proof. Faith in a higher power. Faith that no matter what, you are not alone. Faith in yourself. Therefore, accept the challenges. You cannot force the outcome you want. You must work toward it. Give your best, live in the moment, be grateful for the opportunities and trust yourself. Have the faith for success.

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