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 E-Commerce Training 

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Need Answers to Your Questions?

In this lesson for people in jails and prisons, Rohit teaches the basics of e-commerce. We learn how to create our own jobs when the job market doesn’t open opportunities.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

1 thought on “E-Commerce Training”

  1. Extremely important and helpful video. Thank you kindly.

    I’ve done retail arbitrage with shoes from 2004-2019. It was a side hustle, but very lucrative.

    Fba “fulfillment by Amazon “ is only getting bigger.
    This is perfect for anyone with a felony conviction. You can turn this into a big avenue of income without anyone asking you if you have a criminal background.

    I saved this video and will start a Amazon sellers account when I get released.

    Thank you Michael for providing amazing content.

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