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Demetrius served multiple decades in prison. He began as a 20-year old. While inside, he looked for mentors to help him learn. The video below offers insight into his journey.

Success After Prison

We advance prospects for success after prison when we listen to stories of people that went through it. Demetrius Huckabee started a 20-year journey through prison when he was a young man. While in prison, he said, he found people that seemed to be on the right track. Those people encouraged him to spend his time learning. While incarcerated, Demetrius said that he wrote two manuscripts. he persuaded his cousin to help him publish those books. Upon his release, he faced the same types of challenges and complications that afflict others.

  • He had a hard time finding a fulfilling job
  • He had difficulty supporting himself
  • He faced challenges from the supervised-release system

Demetrius got inspired through courses he studied in prison. It led to his building a media business, and he looks forward to launching a television program that profiles people that succeeded after serving time in prison.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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