Need Answers to Your Questions?

Take us up on our offer of 1-hour of consulting. During our call we will get to know each other and learn whether we’re a good fit. Make a good-faith deposit of $400 that we’ll apply toward your eventual agreement. If you choose not to advance after that one-hour call, we’ll refund the $400 you paid.

What to Expect:

If you sign up for this 1-hour consulting call, you will immediately receive a scope of work to help you fully understand our process. We’ll ask that you sign and initial the scope before you make payment.

Expect our automated system to send you the following form:

Dear (Your name):

Thank you for reaching out to learn more about our 1-hour consultation offer.

Before signing up for this refundable hour, please note that we offer considerable amounts of free content through our YouTube channel and podcast, which you can access through the links below:

We also offer low-cost books and course, available through the following link:

Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to respond to every request we receive for one-on-one consultations. For that reason, we require a FULLY REFUNDABLE $400 deposit for the first hour of our one-on-one consulting service.

Review our story anywhere. You’ll see the depth and breadth of our experience; we’re best positioned to help you.

Although we cannot change the past, we’re 100% confident that our team can collaborate with you. You will restore strength, confidence, and position yourself for the best possible outcome.

To get started, make a good-faith deposit of $400 for a one-hour consultation call. Expect the following from the call:

  • We’ll listen to the challenge you’re facing.
  • We’ll ask questions that will allow us to engineer a pathway to your success.
  • We’ll clearly define what success should look like to overcome your challenge.
  • We’ll recommend a strategy that will lead to your success.
  • We’ll suggest how we can collaborate together to build the tools, tactics, and resources you need to execute on your strategy to succeed.
  • We’ll come to a mutual understanding on how we’ll measure daily progress.
  • We’ll present you with a new scope of work that articulates the next phase of the project.

If you are in agreement with the course of action we present, we’ll ask you to sign off on the one-hour consultation.

  • After the call, we’ll give you time to consider the proposal that we’ve made. We’ll have a better idea of how much time we will need to set aside in order to serve your needs; you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.
  • If you choose not to advance, we will automatically refund the $400 you paid for our one-hour consultation. We will process your refund within 72 hours of the time you placed your order.
  • If you choose to advance in accordance with the plan, we’ll send you a new scope of work that reflects how we’ll work together to build the tools, tactics, and resources to advance your prospects for success.

This process will make sure that you (and everyone on our team) fully understand how we can collaborate to work toward the best possible outcome for the challenges you face.

Before you book your appointment, please complete your due diligence. Look through the various links on our website and watch our videos. Before we begin working together, we would like you to know of our experience and why members of our team are well qualified to assist you through the challenges you endure.

I’m Michael Santos and I personally guarantee that we will work to prove worthy of your trust.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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