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This page is for training purposes. Our team should see the messaging process that led to a $15,000 order. Please read the process below, and listen to the audio file. It may help with your messaging of our company.


  • Step 1: Received a prompt from a prospect. He wrote that he wanted to hire a sentencing expert for help. I sent a joint email to him and our sales team. I don’t know whether he connected with the sales team.
  • Step 2: He reached out again. I recommended that he call or text me.
  • Step 3: He called me and we spoke on a Wednesday evening. We spoke for approximately 20 minutes. During that call, I learned about his challenges and his back story. He faced a case for wire fraud related to PPP. He worked as a tax preparer. He was pleading guilty the following morning. I recommended that he research our website, and that he contact our team after the plea.
  • Step 4: the following morning, I sent him a text as follows: “Good luck today. I will send you an email with links to help you. Give me until the end of the day to prepare that document. For now, don’t worry. You will make it through this experience.
  • Step 5: He texted back: “Thank you. Don’t forget to send me the number to your team member.”
  • Step 6: I texted him: Today, just stay focused. It’s a simple proceeding. The judge will ask you if you’re guilty. You’ll say yes. There will not be a lot more going on. But then you need to prepare for the PSR. We will help you. I will include all the information in the email that I prepare for you.
  • Step 7: He texted me again, requesting information on preparing for the PSR. I sent him the following email message:

That is easy to do. But you have to have a plan. The PSI is only one part. You need to think about all that you wish you had known several years ago. That knowledge would have kept you out of trouble.

Now you need to think about several years from today and learn how you can get the best possible outcome, given the charges against you.

Your liberty is on the line.

But you’re fighting a war, and you must understand how to prepare.

To prepare for a war, you need to assess your resources. If you don’t have much in the way of resources, then you should make decisions one way. If you have resources, then you should make a different set of decisions. 

I cannot advise you what to do without those details. For example:

  • What level of liquidity do you have?
  • How are you deploying that liquidity to this case?
  • Do you have an income?
  • What value are you getting from your defense attorney?
  • Could a Federal Defender provide you with the service you need?
  • Do you have the capacity to learn and do this on your own?

Your responses to those questions would influence the guidance I would provide to you.

Our website provides considerable amounts of free resources. We also provide guidance, but those rates vary from $3,000 learning management systems, to $15,000 projects where we do everything for you.

I don’t know where you stand. 

My recommendation is that you book one hour of consulting with me. Then we talk honestly about your resources and preparation. You can book that consulting hour with the following link:

I cannot provide honest guidance to you without a better understanding of your predicament.

Best to you,

  • Step 8. He booked one hour of consulting with me, paying $500. The audio recording is the call that we had, which led to the $15,000 order.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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