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 Chan Martin: $100,000 

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Michael Santos

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  • Declaration of Chan Martin—November 22, 2018 I, Chan Martin, declare as follows: 
    1. I am an individual over the age of eighteen. I make this declaration in support of Michael Santos, based on my own personal knowledge. If called as a witness, I could and would testify competently as to the facts contained below. 
    1. I have never met Michael Santos in person, but I have spoken to him over the phone on several occasions since 2017. 
    1. My husband has done business with Michael Santos. My husband has read several books that Michael Santos wrote and my husband considers Michael Santos both a mentor and a friend. 
    1. My husband learned that Michael Santos was succeeding as a real estate investor and he asked Michael about investment opportunities. Michael told my husband that he was investing more than $1 million into a land-development project in Costa Rica. Michael told my husband that he knew the land developer from when he was in prison. 
    1. Michael said that as a result of what he learned from due diligence he completed on both the land developer, and on previous development projects where the developer was involved in Belize, he would make his largest real estate investment, with a commitment of more than $1 million. 
    1. Michael told my husband that he felt so strongly about the potential for this investment that he was taking measures to raise more capital to invest. He said he was leveraging properties he owned, selling properties, and raising capital to join in the opportunity. He was also bringing both of his sisters into the investment. 
    1. After extensive discussions with my husband, I agreed to invest $100,000 to become a Class A investor in Rancho Del Mar, LLC Costa Rica. 
    1. I offer this full and complete testimonial of my own accord and I authorize Michael to publish the Declaration on his website. Sincerely, Chan Martin
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