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 Avoiding Prison 

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Prosecutors asked a judge to sentence Denise to prison for 36 months. Instead, her judge sentenced her to serve 12 months probation.

How did Denise avoid going to prison? She prepared a story that helped her judge understand her life, and the influences that led to her into a government investigation—and a charge for a white-collar crime.

She credits our digital course on sentence preparation as a resource that helped her. In this video, you get the backstory.

Denise had been a college professor and the co-author of textbook on mathematics. At the request of her publisher, Denise and her co-author traveled around the country to promote the book.

The college where Denise worked offered a small stipend to cover travel expenses. When Denise and her co-author traveled, they shared a room. Yet when they turned in their expense reports, they claimed the full expense from the college. Simultaneously, they received reimbursements from the publishing house for travel expenses.

A government investigation followed. For longer than three years, the investigation hung over Denise’s head. Then authorities charged her with a white-collar crime. The prosecutor charged her with crimes that led to a sentencing hearing. While searching for guidance, she found our courses and purchased the course on preparing for sentencing.

When she told us the outcome, we asked for a video testimonial, and we’re happy to share it with our audience.

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