Shon Hopwood: Law Man

Shon joined Justin Paperny and me as a co-founder of Prison We started this venture to offer guidance for people who may face challenges with the criminal justice system.

Our country incarcerates more people per capita than any other country on earth. Decisions people make at the start of the journey can have a profound influence on the opportunities that open for them at every stage of the journey. Good decisions can lead to a lower sentence. They can lead to a successful journey through prison. They can lead to new career that brings meaning and relevance to life.

Shon Hopwood is the embodiment of this story. As a young man, he participated in a scheme to rob banks. After five armed bank robberies, authorities caught him. He went to prison. While serving longer than a decade in federal prison, Shon began reading law books. He learned how to write motions and briefs. He became extremely successful as a jailhouse lawyer. Shon’s research led to legal briefs and appeals that resulted in legal victories for people in prison. His appeals won in district courts, in circuit courts, and in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In this episode, Shon reveals his amazing story. Despite convictions for armed bank robbery, he is now a professor of law at the esteemed Georgetown Law School. Shon also works on reform initiatives on Capital Hill and with nonprofits like the group, where Shon is a board member.

Shon is a co-founder of and this episode features his amazing story.

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