T he comprehensive lesson plans and webinars prepare defendants for challenges ahead. They save attorneys time by responding to questions defendants have about what happens after the judge says:

I hereby sentence you to the custody of the attorney general for a term of….

Most importantly, the Prison Consultant lessons restore confidence and hope for defendants who are traumatized by the anxiety that accompanies a criminal prosecution. They teach defendants how to recalibrate after a criminal prosecution so that they can live a life of meaning, relevance, and fulfillment

For an extremely affordable price, lessons and webinars teach defendants strategies that empowered Michael Santos through 26 years of imprisonment. Those strategies prepared him to return to society with opportunities to live a fulfilling life, unscathed by more than a quarter century in prison. Defendants who work through the lessons will learn:

  • What to expect and how to prepare for the lowest possible sentence;
  • Strategies to serve time in the best possible prison;
  • Strategies to emerge from prison with dignity and new opportunities.

Free Introductory Sample Lesson

Learn from Prison Professor’s free lesson. It shows why we’re the best capable to help you move beyond the challenges you’re experiencing now. Through these downloadable lessons, you can educate yourself on every aspect of the journey after a conviction. We teach you how to prepare for prison and how to emerge from prison with your dignity in tact. Work through this free sample lesson and then contact us at Prison Professor so we can start restoring your strength today.

Presentence Investigation (PSI) Report

Lesson on the Presentence Investigation Report will teach defendants how to position themselves so that they serve the lowest possible sentence in the most favorable prison possible.

Sentence Mitigation Strategies

Lesson on Sentence Mitigation Strategies teaches a defendant how to prepare persuasive package designed to convince judge that prior good works and community contributions show that he is worthy of lowest possible sentence.

Custody and Classification System

Lesson on custody and classification teaches defendants what they need to know about the way that prison administrators will score them. That custody and classification scoring will influence where the individual serves time in the event that a judge imposes a prison term.

Prison Disciplinary Infractions

This lesson teaches individuals how authorities issue prison disciplinary infractions. The more an individual understands the disciplinary system, the better he can prepare himself to avoid receiving a disciplinary infraction.

Staff Hierarchy and Administrative Remedy

The possibility of imprisonment is real for individuals who’ve been charged with a crime. As such, defendants should educate themselves on the staff hierarchy within a prison system and also on administrative remedy procedures so that they are best positioned for a successful journey.

Bureau Of Prisons Security Levels

This lesson on prison security levels teaches defendants more about the prison experience. By learning about security levels, they position themselves to serve the sentence in the least restrictive prison possible in the event of a conviction and prison term.

The Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP

The Residential Drug Abuse Program RDAP is the only program through which a federal prisoner can work to earn up to 12 months off a prison sentence. If you would like to learn how to qualify for this reduction in prison, then you should read through our lesson on RDAP. Our experts at Prison Professor can help you prepare.

Right Frame Of Mind To Begin A Prison Term

If you’re facing the possibility of a prison sentence, the time is now to begin putting yourself in the right frame of mind. You cannot allow the tailspin to continue. Every success you achieved in life began with a vision. You knew how to visualize a successful outcome. You then set a plan and you executed a plan. This lesson will help you visualize success. Then it will inspire your plan and teach you how to execute your plan, in spire of the obstacles associated with a prison term.

Prepare Prior To The Sentencing Hearing

Prior to your sentencing hearing, you should understand how you can prepare. This lesson teaches strategies that will help you build a persuasive case to argue for the lowest possible sentence. Invest the time, energy, and resources to assist your defense attorney. Rather than standing by and waiting, take a proactive approach that will lead to the lowest possible sentence. Prison Professor experts are ready, willing, and able to help you craft an effective sentence-mitigation strategy.

First Day In Prison Advice

This lesson helps readers understand what to expect on the first day of prison. Prison Professor provides that guidance by introducing Greg Samsa, a fictional character who surrenders to serve a 60-month sentence in federal prison for violating securities laws. Anyone who anticipates time in federal prison will learn what to expect on the first day through this narrative.

Adjust Through The First Weeks In Prison

Pursue a best-practice approach to adjust through your first weeks in prison. Success doesn’t materialize by accident in society, and it certainly doesn’t happen in prison. In fact, for many, a prison sentence leads to a parade of horribles that can continue long after the prison term ends. Overcome the challenges and struggles of confinement by working with Prison Professor. Begin with this lesson to help you understand what to expect during the first weeks in prison.

Overcoming Adversity Of Prison

If you’ve struggled through a criminal prosecution that resulted in a finding of guilt, then it is time to prepare for prison. Overcoming the adversity of prison requires a disciplined plan. At Prison Professor we work closely with individuals who want to ensure that prison does not derail their prospects for success and happiness. This lesson teaches strategies that empowered Michael Santos and that can empower you.

Early Release From Prison

Individuals who have a high level of discipline and confidence in their ability to build a persuasive record may want to learn about mechanisms that can lead to an early release from prison. The more an individual knows and understands, the more an individuals strengthens himself. At Prison Professor we teach defendants the different options that are available, then we help craft plans that they can execute. If you’re the type of individuals who wants to seize the initiative and prepare for a better future, then you will find value in this lesson that teaches how to make a persuasive case for an early release from prison.

Halfway House And Home Confinement

Defendants who have the strength, discipline, and confidence in their ability to influence positive outcomes will want to learn from this lesson on the halfway house and home confinement. This lesson helps individuals understand how case managers in prison determine when to send the defendant to a residential reentry center. Some defendants serve the final two years of their sentence in a halfway house. This lesson explains the halfway house and suggests strategies to leave prison at the earliest possible time.

Supervised Release From Federal Prison

If you’re being sentenced to prison, then you should educate yourself on Supervised Release from Federal Prison. The choices you make during the earliest phases of your confinement will influence the length of time that you serve on Supervised Release. Further, those choices influence the level of liberty a probation officer will grant. If you want to work independently, travel, and position yourself for early termination of supervised release, then you will value this lesson.

Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Term (Softcover book version)

This 400+ page book helps readers understand how they can transition from struggle into prosperity. It shows the challenges that I faced at the start of my sentence. Readers will learn how I responded to obstacles in the Bureau of Prisons and how those responses opened new opportunities. I encourage anyone who faces challenges from the Bureau of Prisons to learn from the strategies that empowered me.

Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Term (PDF Download Version)

This 400+ page book helps readers understand how they can transition from struggle into prosperity. It shows the challenges that I faced at the start of my sentence. Readers will learn how I responded to obstacles in the Bureau of Prisons and how those responses opened new opportunities. I encourage anyone who faces challenges from the Bureau of Prisons to learn from the strategies that empowered me.


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