Private Equity Investor and CEO Surrenders to Federal Prison

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Nicholas Mitsakos Prepares for Federal Prison

Authorities charged Nicholas Mitsakos with a crime related to securities fraud. He graduated from USC and he earned an MBA from Harvard. Despite those impressive credentials, he now must prepare to serve a 30-month sentence in federal prison.

In today’s episode, Nicholas describes the dark feelings that accompanied his experience with the criminal justice system. For decades, he worked in the financial services industry with colleagues like Michael Milken.

Nick said that his lawyer did not prepare him for the challenges ahead. Instead, he had to do his own research that would help his search for information. Nick’s lawyer recommended that he contact Justin Paperny. They began working on a strategy that would get him ready for the journey ahead.

Private Equity Investor and CEO Surrenders to Federal Prison

On January 5, Nicholas must surrender to the federal prison camp in Sheridan, Oregon. While there, he will work to prepare for the successful life he wants to lead upon release. In today’s podcast, we discuss strategies that empowered me through 26 years of imprisonment. Those same strategies can work for Nicholas, and anyone else who goes into the system.

Those who want information on how they can prepare for a successful journey through prison should text PrisonPro to 44222. Or they should continue listening to the Prison Professors podcast!

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