Use Journals to Build the CEO Mindset in Prison

I’m enthusiastic to introduce “the prison journals to prepare for success” that our team at Prison Professors is developing. 

While climbing my way through 26 years in prison, I used journals to record progress. Journaling became an essential tool. Leaders from all walks of life use journals to stay on track and to live productively each day.

Earlier this month, I began laying out a journal that would have helped to motivate and inspire me, even while I lived inside high-security penitentiaries. By reading, I learned books on leadership, I learned about journaling while I was still locked inside of a county jail. I would like to have the record of those thoughts right now. We’re creating a journal that a person can take inside so that he or she can memorialize how he used to time in jail or prison to begin building a more positive mindset. 

An effective journal helps a person focus on what he or she can become. Rather than dwelling on the challenges of a difficult situation, the person should start by defining success at various stages. If a person trains his mind on working toward incremental goals, that person can accomplish more than anyone would think possible.

Our programs at Prison Professor encourage every individual to live as if he is the CEO of his own life (or her life). That means the person must architect a plan. The plan should carry him through various stages. We’re creating quarterly journals, showing how discipline can lead to success. But that success comes in small stages. 

This video shows how we began to develop our quarterly journals. I show the Word document that I used to begin writing and I show the InDesign document that I’m using to format the journal. I will finish this project before the end of the third quarter, making sure that it’s available for family members to send a journal to their loved ones in prison before the holiday season.

Once I am more than halfway complete with the project, I will create a system for people to preorder that 2021 Prison Journals to Prepare for Success.

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