Shon Hopwood and Michael Santos are co-founders of Prison Professors. We help people prepare for best outcomes after they’ve been charged with a crime.

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Hi I’m Michael Santos. This video offers some validation to show why our team at can save your attorneys valuable time while simultaneously offering enormous value to the defendants you represent in criminal proceedings.

We know that despite the energy and resources you invest, juries will not acquit all of your clients. Thoughts of advancing through sentencing proceedings and imprisonment will traumatize some. I am uniquely qualified to work with your firm in helping those defendants prepare.



Your clients won’t consume your attorney’s time with endless questions about what to expect from prison. Prison Professor helps your clients understand how to master every aspect of the journey.


We work directly with your clients to generate compelling personal narratives to reveal their humanity and contributions to society. The personal sentence-mitigation packages we create will include character-reference letters and help you build persuasive arguments for the lowest possible sentence.


We teach your clients everything they need to know about how the BOP classifies defendants. We help defendants anticipate their security scoring and draft letters that position them to serve their sentence in the easiest possible prison, and how to thrive regardless of external circumstances.


We teach your clients what they need to know about qualifying for the Residential Drug Abuse Program. Those who qualify may advance their release date by up to one year.


We teach your clients how to begin building a record to position them for early termination from Supervised Release.


We show your clients how to live fulfilling, relevant lives, even after conviction from a criminal charge. We show them how they can pursue a deliberate path to restore their confidence and dignity.


Again, this website provides an abundance of information to validate my credentials. The media tab on the menu bar offers links to national news reports. They show the level of commitment I make to improve outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system. I am passionate about reversing the greatest social injustice of our time: mass incarceration.

My work to reform the system began in 1987, when authorities arrested me for some bad decisions I made during the recklessness of youth. During the 26 years that I lived as a federal prisoner, I worked to educate myself, to contribute to society, and to build extensive support networks. Those well-documented experiences position me to add enormous value to your firm. I became an author and within three weeks of concluding my sentence, I was an adjunct professor in a major university. Prison Professor will show your clients how they can emerge successfully, with their dignity intact. is a commercial venture that offers value to both defendants and law firms. Through this work, we generate resources to bring more awareness to the need for both prison and sentencing reform. Simultaneously, we offer generous referral fees or enterprise licenses that will make this collaboration a revenue generator for attorneys in your firm.

Contact us today so that can begin adding value to the attorneys in your firm and to the clients you serve.

I’m Michael Santos and our team at Prison Professor looks forward to working with you.



Prison Professor teaches defendants how to overcome the challenges and ancillary consequences that accompany a criminal prosecution. Sign up today to position yourself for the lowest possible sentence in the easiest possible prison. Emerge with your dignity intact.

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