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10 Years Experience

Jennifer is an author, speaker, and an associate Prison Professor. She works with our team as a coach, and she works to end our country’s problem with mass incarceration. Jennifer helps clients who want to qualify for alternatives to incarceration and the best possible experience in prison.

Jennifer grew up among the cornfields as a Midwestern farm girl. After graduating with a B.F.A in Dance and Choreography, she moved to Chicago where she toured as a performer and as a choreographer. Eventually, Jennifer became the artistic director of her own dance company.

Jennifer made a poor decision to traffic marijuana. Authorities arrested Jennifer and a federal judge sentenced her to serve three years in Federal Prison. While in prison, seeing large numbers of women locked up horrified her. Those women served draconian, mandatory-minimum sentences. Many served time for nonviolent drug crimes and white-collar crimes. Most of those women were mothers. When Jennifer finished her term, she made a vow to share all that she learned from her experiences and give back.

Jennifer advocates for women in prison and youth with incarcerated parents. She cofounded a nonprofit known as R.I.S.E. to Empower. Her nonprofit is dedicated to empowering girls and women to make positive choices. Jennifer’s work with at-risk, teen girls led to their program being accepted into San Diego’s U.S. Federal Probation’s reentry initiative. The program assists high-risk women recently released from Federal Prison.

Jennifer’s memoir, Trafficking the Good Life, was a finalist in the 2014 San Diego Book & Writing Awards. Her writing has received accolades in the PEN Prison Writing Contest. She has been published in Salon Magazine, the anthology Razor Wire Women, and The Huffington Post. Jennifer has spoken extensively to teens about making good choices. She has appeared as a Prison Consultant on Inside Edition and Lifetime’s special, Abby Tells All.

Jennifer recently travelled back to prison for “good.” She helped to produce San Diego’s first TEDx inside of a prison. Jennifer has a passionate urge to change the paradigm of our criminal justice system. She was deeply affected by the men she met locked up on life sentences. Their big hearts, and willingness to transform, continue to inspire Jennifer. They confirm her belief that some of the most courageous people live behind bars.

As an Associate Prison Professor, Jennifer offers consulting services that specialize in supporting women. If a woman has been charged with a crime and faces incarceration, Jennifer can help. She is passionate about preparing women for the best possible outcome. She assists them in preparing for prison, preparing their families, and preparing for their successful return to society.

When not delving into her work to empower girls and women, Jennifer enjoys yoga, hiking by the sea, and writing books for children and young adults. She is hopelessly devoted to guiding women through adversity. Jennifer helps them see that they can re-create their lives at any moment—no matter the circumstances!

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