Ann Marie Hopwood

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15 Years Experience

Ann Marie’s journey with the law began when she wrote the first of hundreds of letters to her now husband, Shon Hopwood, when he was in year 2 of a 12 year prison sentence. At that time, she had very little knowledge of the law and no interest in ever going to law school. But as Shon discovered his passion and gift for the legal field, Ann Marie slowly learned about it alongside him.

Prior to that first letter to Shon, Ann Marie earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Creighton University and was working as Research and Marketing Manager of KV Health Links, a nutritional supplements company owned by her father. She had also started a Master of Science program in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling at Bellevue University. Ann Marie had a heart for helping people struggling with eating disorders and addictions. In pursuit of helping others, she worked at various residential treatment centers including Omaha Campus for Hope, Monte Nido, and Omni Behavioral Health.

Ann Marie was finishing her final credits in her master’s program when Shon was released from prison. Within a few months, they were engaged and married. Soon after they had 2 children and Shon started law school. Ann Marie put her counseling career on hold to care for her family and serve as Owner/Manager of Precedential Paralegal LLC, the brainchild of her husband. She discovered that she loved working with her husband and decided the next best step would be to pursue law school herself.

Ann Marie was awarded a full-tuition scholarship at Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law and is currently in her third year. She has gained experience litigating appellate and post-conviction issues involving criminal law and prisoner’s rights.

Ann Marie is a Co-Founder of and serves as its Chief Operating Officer. When she is not caring for the needs of her family, studying or working to develop Prison Professors, she enjoys hiking, live music and adventures with her husband and kids.


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