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Seth Ferranti

Seth Ferranti was 22 years old when he was convicted of participating in a first-time, nonviolent drug conspiracy. His judge sentenced him to serve a 25-year sentence in federal prison back in 1993. Seth’s story provides us with a remarkable journey of success through prison. Seth’s personal history reveals him as a true prison professor.

While facing a quarter century in prison, Seth began to prepare for success. He studied through college courses while at the Federal Correctional Institution, in Manchester, Kentucky. The prison was rated as a medium-security FCI. It also held high-security prisoners.

The Bureau of Prisons changed policies in 1996 that made it more difficult to complete college programs. Seth learned how to overcome those obstacles in prison. He started an educational journey of independent study that would span close to two decades. While in prison, he persuaded universities to structure correspondence programs for him. In time, he earned an Associate’s, a Bachelor’s, and finally he earned a Master’s degree. He studied journalism, creative writing, literature, and history courses. Seth used his talents to build a career writing about true crime for several publications.

By connecting with the outside world, Seth built hope. He became a positive force and voice for both prison and sentence reform. Eventually, Seth began writing books. Seth published eight books before his release in 2015. His publishing credentials established Seth’s career as a writer while he was still incarcerated.

Seth also married Diane while he was incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Institution, in Gilmer, West Virginia. He nurtured his marriage with Diane and prepared for success while concluding the final decade of his imprisonment.

Upon his release, in 2014, Seth began earning a living through his publishing career. He writes about people he met in prison, and he writes about challenges many people face after release. Seth has parlayed his success through prison into a budding career as a filmmaker. He writes and participates in productions for television and film. Seth’s remarkable story of success through prison and beyond prompted his probation officer to end his term on Supervised Release after only one year—two years ahead of schedule.

Seth met Michael Santos while they were serving time together at the Federal Correctional Institution, in Fort Dix, New Jersey. He applied the principles that empowered Michael to navigate his way through the Bureau of Prisons. By making a commitment to the Straight-A Guide program that Prison Professors offers, Seth returned to society successfully.

Seth Ferranti is a valued member of the Prison Professors team. Seth shows others how to prepare for the best possible outcome if they’ve been charged with a crime. Click the Seth Ferranti Category on the home page of Prison Professors to read more

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