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 Lesson 5: Prison Disciplinary Infractions 

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Prison disciplinary infractions do not make for an easy conversation. They result in complications that can exacerbate a prison journey.

When an individual learns that authorities may prosecute him, he has a lot on his mind. Primarily, he is thinking about how he can work with a competent defense attorney who will fight to liberate him from the criminal charges. If he thinks about prison at all, he is thinking about the length of time that he may serve. Yet prison disciplinary infractions represent a part of the prison experience. Defendants should learn how disciplinary infractions can complicate a criminal sanction. This report on prison disciplinary infractions provides extensive background that will teach defendants what they need to know.

Defendants need to know a lot about prison disciplinary infractions, even though they feel strongly that they will not violate any prison rules. Individuals who visit likely never would have believed that authorities would target them for a criminal prosecution. By the time those individuals visit our website, however, they know much more about the criminal justice system than they ever thought they would know. Had they known more earlier, they may have made different decisions that would have spared them a criminal prosecution. Understanding the ways that administrators issue prison disciplinary infractions will go a long way toward minimizing exposure to the complications they bring.

Prisoners learn quickly enough that they do not have to violate any rules to receive prison disciplinary infractions. The prison infrastructure encourages officers to issue disciplinary infractions as a way of preserving security. That emphasis on prison disciplinary infractions and security results in many individuals being charged with rule violations even though they did not do anything wrong–other than not understanding how to avoid prison disciplinary infractions, and what steps to take in the event that an officer wrongfully issue prison disciplinary infractions. This lesson provides background that a defendant needs to avoid further complications in prison.

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