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Prosecution, Sentencing, Prison

If you’re facing prosecution, prison, or sentencing, you need to prepare. At Prison Professors, we create videos for everyone. Viewers can learn more about the challenges ahead. We offer videos to help people understand how to prepare prior to sentencing. Some videos suggest steps people can take to prepare for a presentence investigation, or to prepare for a sentencing hearing. Many videos profile other people who used their time in prison to prepare for lives of success upon release. Our videos will inspire and teach you. Would you like to share your story? Send an email to Michael@PrisonProfessors.com.

Shon Hopwood and Michael Santos

We have an unmatched depth and breadth of experience. If you’re facing prosecution, prison, or sentencing, we can help. Do not underestimate the importance of preparing. Statistics show the unfortunate reality. More than 7 out of 10 people who have criminal charges face ongoing challenges. They struggle in sentencing, they struggle in prison, and they struggle upon release. If you have funds to invest in your future, hire us to help you get ready. We cannot change the past. We will work for the best possible outcome. If you do not have funds, use our free resources. Prepare for the best. Subscribe on YouTube.

Digital Content for Prisons and Schools

In addition to helping defendants prepare for prosecution, prison, and sentencing, we create digital content. Our Straight-A Guide courses are perfect for institutions that serve at-risk populations. As recidivism rates show, anyone facing prosecution, prison, or sentencing is part of an “at-risk” population. Our courses help participants develop critical-thinking skills. We teach through lesson plans and videos. We offer interactive webinars. Contact our team to learn how we can create digital content to assist your school, jail, or prison. We create content for each client’s budget, and our referrals will share the effectiveness of our products.