Prosecution, Sentencing, Prison

If you’re facing prosecution, prison, or sentencing, you need to prepare. At Prison Professors, we feature video content that anyone may watch for free. They can learn more about the challenges ahead. We offer videos that describe how to hire a defense attorney. Our prisons are filled with people that serve longer sentences than necessary. Defendants serve sentences that are longer than necessary because they did not understand the options. They did not know how to prepare well, or they did not know what questions to ask their attorneys. If they did not know what questions to ask, they did not participate actively in preparing for the best possible outcome.


Shon Hopwood and Michael Santos

Shon Hopwood and Michael Santos have an unmatched depth and breadth of experience when it comes to preparing people for prosecution, prison, or sentencing. Read our biographies to learn more about who we’re qualified to help defendants that hire us. Both Shon and I served lengthy prison terms. While inside, Shon became a skilled advocate. Upon his release, he went to the University of Washington Law School and he became a licensed attorney. He clerked for the DC Appellate Court and he has won several cases in district courts, appellate courts, and even the US Supreme Court. I’ve documented my work since being released from 26 years in federal prison. You will see that I served as an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University. You will see that I’ve built a thriving business to teach lessons I learned from prison. My clients include federal judges, US Attorneys, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and state prisons across the nation. I create digital content to help people prepare for success after prison.


Digital Content for Prisons and Schools

In addition to helping defendants prepare for prosecution, prison, and sentencing, Prison Professors creates digital content. Our Straight-A Guide Lesson Plans are perfect for institutions that serve at-risk populations. As recidivism rates show, anyone who has faced prosecution, prison, or sentencing is part of an “at-risk” population. Our digital lesson plans feature strategies that participants can learn to overcome struggle. We teach the course through lesson plans and videos, as well as interactive webinars. More than 100,000 people in prison and schools have access to our digital content. We’re growing our user base daily.

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