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 Healthcare Advocacy in BOP 

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For Healthcare Advocacy in federal prison, our subject matter experts advise that family members should write to the warden and also seek assistance from congressional reps.

Sample Advocacy for Healthcare Template Letter:

Month Day, 2022

Warden Name

Federal Prison Name
Federal Prison Road
Federal Prison City, State Zip

Email: (Get prison’s email from BOP website)

Dear Warden Name:

My name is (insert name of family member). My husband/wife/child, (insert name) surrendered to name of prison on Insert Date to serve an insert number of months sentence.

Out of respect, we address this matter pertaining to my husband’s healthcare to you in your capacity as Warden. We pray that you will let us know that you’ve personally reviewed my husband’s medical condition and transition him to home confinement, pursuant to the CARES Act, at the 25% date, because of his life-threatening condition and the urgent need for appropriate medical care that he can access in the community.

If Insert name does not receive your personal attention, based on his life-threatening condition, we must escalate this matter with letters to:

  • The BOP’s regional and central offices,
  • The Senate subcommittee that is investigating the Bureau of Prisons
  • Congressional representatives where we reside, and
  • Congressional representatives where my husband is confined.

We pray that we will receive your attention, and that you will transition my husband to home confinement at his eligibility date, pursuant to the CARES Act, so he can get the medical attention he needs and deserves.


NAME has had a life-threatening decline in his health since his arrival at NAME OF PRISON. The urgency of this matter relates to a life-threatening condition following his heart attack and hospitalization.

We know that in any large organization, the warden may not know about all the people under his care. We write to make certain that you are aware of the NAME’S NEED FOR medical care, which he has not received since arriving at NAME OF PRISON. His lack of access to health care is threatening his life.

NAME qualifies for home confinement under the CARES Act on INSERT DATE.

We ask the Bureau of Prisons to exercise its discretion and transfer NAME to home confinement at the soonest possible time so that he may receive the appropriate level of medical care in the community.





Although I am not a medical practitioner, I have spoken with licensed healthcare providers who explained to me that NAME’S health condition and the conditions of confinement put him at risk for a catastrophic cascade of life-threatening events.

The medical staff has not provided NAME with medically necessary, or even medically appropriate treatment.

INSERT DETAILS THAT PLACE NAME in danger. Under the care of prison medical staff, he is at risk of becoming very ill and he could die.



BOP Program Statement 6031.04 (Patient Care) directs staff members to “effectively deliver medically necessary health care to inmates” and that “health care will be delivered to inmates in accordance with proven standards of care…”

The staff at NAME OF PRISON has failed to provide NAME with medically necessary care as defined in PS 6031.04.

NAME’S prospects for a full recovery are jeopardized by the conditions of confinement.  As evidenced by NAME’S significantly serious health complications, his COVID-19 infection risks, and the lack of even basic follow-up care after being hospitalized for a major cardiac event and pneumonia, the longer he remains confined in your prison, the more his risk of exposure and suffering severe illness, or death, increases.


It is my family’s hope that you will investigate this matter and approve NAME for home confinement under CARES Act as soon as he meets the guidelines established by the BOP, on INSERT DATE. Serving the remainder of his sentence in home confinement protects NAME from further injury. We have a verifiable release plan as detailed on page 4 of this document.

I look forward to receiving your response within 48 hours. Should we not hear from you, or should we receive a non-satisfactory response, our family will seek advocacy assistance from our members of our Congress, and any other responsible entity that may help.

Respectfully Submitted,


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