Seek First to Understand: Complexities of Home Confinement

Today was a tough day for the Cohen family. News reports showed Michael Cohen going back to prison. (July 9, 2020).

Michael Cohen served as President Donald Trump’s personal attorney for decades. He fell out of favor with the president when prosecutors targeted him for prosecution. Cohen began to cooperate with the government. He made several public appearances, where he criticized the president and accused him of both lying and criminal behavior. 

After cutting a deal with prosecutors, he accepted a plea agreement that led to a three-year prison term. While Michael Cohen served his sentence inside the federal prison camp in Otisville, New York, the COVID pandemic began spreading across America. The Attorney General then issued a series of memorandums that authorized the Bureau of Prisons to transfer people from federal prison to home confinement.

Michael Cohen succeeded in negotiating such a transfer. Had things gone well, he would have served the final two years of his sentence on home confinement—meaning he could be with his family. 

But on July 9, 2020, authorities took Michael Cohen into custody and they returned him to federal prison. This video explains what people should know about conditions of release. While growing through my 26-year journey in federal prison, I learned a great deal about this system—and how to navigate it successfully. 

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